In response to the increased litter levels as lock-down rules start to be lifted, some of you have told us that you are ready to start litter-picking again. We also know that many of you are still not comfortable to litter-pick again yet.  We do not in any way want to make anyone feel as though they should be back out there if they are not ready. However, we DO want to support anyone who is choosing to litter-pick right now.  You can now meet outside in a group of up to 30 people.  Please see the Government guidelines for further details

Durham Coast

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Durham's coastline is unique. Nowhere else in Britain has such a wonderful display of magnesian limestone coastal grasslands supporting a vast array of wildflowers and insects. Most of the coast is now designated as a National Nature Reserve with several Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The England Coast Path runs through the area and is becoming evermore popular with visitors. The beaches are improving after the impact of coal mining and coastal towns such as Seaham have seen a dramatic increase in tourism. The beaches still suffer from litter and are regularly cleaned by groups of keen volunteers. If you would like to join in please see the upcoming event section for more details. We can support groups who want to carry out their own event by supplying equipment (bags, litterpickers, gloves etc) and organising the safe collection and disposal of the rubbish bags after the event. Please pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested.

Durham Coast

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Seaham Beach Cleaning Crew

Come along and join the Seaham Beach Cleaning Crew on Seaham Hall beach. Times to be confirmed

Seaham Red Acre Christmas Clean Up

Come along and join the Durham Heritage Coast team and the Seaham Beach Cleaning Crew for a festive clean up on Red Acre beach, Seaham. We'll start at 11am until 1pm and afterwards enjoy some mince p...

Easington Colliery Litter Pick

Join Easington Colliery Regeneration Partenrship and Limestone Landscapes for a litter pick on this newly created local nature reserve. Meet at 10am at Easington Colliery Welfare, Seaside Lane, Eas...

ASDA Seaham Beach Clean

Come and join the team from ASDA in Seaham to clean Red Acre beach in Seaham. Meet opposite the Sure Start building at the top of the Marina Road at 11am. We're only there for an hour each month but...

Crimdon Beach Clean

Come and join us on Thursday 2nd October 2014 from 2pm until 4pm. We'll be meeting on the promenade at Crimdon then a short walk to the beach to collect the litter. Everyone is welcome. Look out fo...

Crimdon Beach Clean

Come and join local volunteers and the Durham Heritage Coast team on Thursday 7th August 2014 at 1pm on Crimdon Beach. This is a beautiful sandy beach with increasing visitor numbers, however the amo...

Nearby Groups

These groups are near to you in case you want to contact them for advice, to offer them support or, for example, to share equipment with them.

RALLY - Rosemead Community Action Group
We are a local community action group consisting of residents, some business owners, aiming to improve our local area, working with relevant authorities and organisations for the local park, Rosemead Park, shops and surrounding area of Oadby, just outside Leicester. Our key words are PRIDE AND RESPECT. We have occasional meetings addressed by local council officials, e.g. Grounds maintenance officer, Public cleansing supervisor, Local police, Youth project social workers. Litterpicks every so often, and a newsletter distributed to over 900 householders. We also play a part in the Britain in Bloom competition, and are currently putting pressure on the local council to improve the park, especially the play area.
16 years
Bredon Hill
To keep Bredon Hill surrounds litter free, targetting roads between villages initially on an ad hoc basis ... a worthy mission. Up to now over 50 bags in 3 years, a paced delivery :)
3 years
Blackfell clean up
To keep Blackfell tidty and litter free, local councillors are asking for volunteers to help us to keep Blackfell litter free. If you are proud of where you live, then please join like minded people who care about their Community
6 years
Honingham Pickers
We meet on a Sunday morning, every other month, to walk around the whole village to clean up. There are over 20 volunteer names on our list!
11 years
I am retired and collect litter as an individual. I collect litter every morning when I am at home, weather permitting. I deal with about 1km of roads, pavements and open spaces near to where I live, (Herbert Road, Bolton Road, Arthur Street, Regent Park Road), collecting an average of around 14 bags a week. I report fly tipping whenever it occurs and liaise with the local authority Waste Management Team. The photos show the general area that I look after. People find it hard to believe that these streets are in Small Heath given the area is not known for its cleanliness! In the first year I have collected 541 bags. The quantity does seem to be getting a bit less, so let’s hope local people are starting to enjoy living in a more litter free environment.
4 years
Exeter Litter Pickers
I have just started this group, having been surprised to find there is no group in Exeter. I would particularly like to find people willing to help keep the 'Valley Parks' litter free.
13 years
Mid Sussex Litter Busters
We are a group of local residents concerned about litter spoiling our environment. Our aim is to keep our area of Mid Sussex looking clean, tidy and litter free resulting in a more pleasant and safe environment for everyone and its wildlife to live in. We aim to achieve this through occasional Litter Picks We very much welcome new members. To see a report on past events: click on 'view' alongside that event.
12 years
As I travel by car around the SE I intend to pick up litter as and when i CAN
10 years
Huntsham is a tiny village in mid Devon. For the last four years, Huntsham Society members and our local community (farmers and all) have joined forces twice a year to clean up all the many the lanes for a distance of 2-3 miles from the village; once in April before the verges are hidden in new growth, and once in October when the vegetation has died down and the litter can be seen. This April we had a turnout of over 100 helpers, including many children. We have recently combined our efforts with Mid Devon County Councils campaign to help keep Devon clean and green, also twice a year. It would be fantastic if neighbouring parishes could take up the challenge of keeping the lanes clear of litter.
13 years
Litter-free Eccles
There is a high volume of litter in Eccles; the streets are cleared of litter on a three week cycle by council workers but this is not sufficient. The aim of this group is to engender a sense of pride amongst local residents for their local area
12 years

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