Important:   Litter can be contaminated, so we have put together some information to help you handle it safely. Please click on this link to have a read through our Health and Safety Guidance before you go out litter-picking.


Brighter Uckfield Campaign (BUC Up)

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The Group operates under the aegis of the Town Council. Every Sunday morning, at 9.00, a small band of volunteers (open to anyone to attend) meets at the Civic Centre to conduct a 'swift-pick' in the worst-affected areas (finishing at about 11.00). The Campaign has moved onto taking small patches of public land in the town and overseeing planting out and maintenance. The town's annual beautiful gardens competition is organised by the Group. The Group joins the annual clear-up of the River Uck that flows through the town. Weeding pavements and cutting back undergrowth are also tasks that are taken on. Most of this work is concentrated on the town centre, but a network of 'litter pickers' is being gradually established on the estates around the town. Volunteers are provided with a hi-vi vest, a litter picking stick, gloves and refuse sacks - and we even have wheeled trolleys to take round with you to deal with the large amounts of litter on a Sunday morning. The Campaign has its own (Don't be a) "Mucky Duck" logo.

Brighter Uckfield Campaign (BUC Up)

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Public General Meeting

This meeting is to be held in the Civic Centre, Uckfield, from 7.30pm. It is a 'relaunch' of the Campaign and the launch of a new Campaign logo. The Campaign will be loosening its ties with the Town C...

Uckfield Carnival clear-up

Uckfield Carnival, 3 September 2011 The High Street on the morning of 4 September was an horrendous sight. Bottles, cans and fast food containers all over the place. 4 BUC volunteers spent two-and-a-h...

Building painting

Continued from 17 July - please go to that date for details

Building painting

Commence work on a project to improve the look of the toilet building in Luxfords Car park and the former toilet block on the river bridge at the station. Meet at Luxfords Car Park from 9.00 a.m.. Exp...

Station Forecourt Gardens

To continue with the work to bring the gardens 'up to scratch'. Should be easier than the last time we did this because we've had a lot of rain recently! Meet at the station from 8.30 a.m.. Expected t...

Station Forecourt Gardens

A small team will be working at the railway station from 09.30am. The intention is to smarten up the areas that were set up as gardens. You can stay as long as you like, but I am sure everyone will ha...

Manor Park Estate Winter Clear-up

Meet outside Tesco Express, Browns Lane, Uckfield, at 9.30 a.m. to receive litter collection 'gear' and instructions from Town Councillor Thelma Rumbelow. Event will finish at 11.30 a.m. at the latest...

Nearby Groups

These groups are near to you in case you want to contact them for advice, to offer them support or, for example, to share equipment with them.

Local volunteers and parish councillors aiming to keep our parish litter free and tidy.
7 years
Pathway Neighbourhood Litter Action
At Pathway neighborhood, we are working for a better society, by giving the young people chances to learn how to act, develop, express, earn, belong and influence there community in a positive way. It is important to stress that young people, just like adults, learn through active participation.
10 years
Hoveton Hates Litter
I started litter picking as I was annoyed by the litter in the hedges outside Roys supermarket and it snowballed from there. I regularly litter pick around the village and also other areas whilst out and about. I am doing this for the wildlife and the environment.
4 years
St Wilfrid's Lidget Green
We're a friendly bunch open to everyone, hoping to get Lidget Green clean and tidy.
2 years
n0 $#!+ $#33rw4xor
We live here and care about our neighbourhood. It is up to us to look after it and make it a nice place to live. Our ground-zero is Sheerwater Recreation Area. This is a heavily used open space which many of us enjoy using. Because it is so popular it inevitably attracts a lot of rubbish - but this is an easy, and rewarding, problem to deal with. Once we've cleaned up the park on one of our regular n0 $#!+ sessions, then we extend our reach outwards along the canal and neighbouring areas to cover as much as we can.
6 years
Chorlton Wombles
We formed to keep the Chorlton Meadows and Ees free of litter, and we are all-party and non-party, united only by our common hatred of litter and environmental damage.
6 years
Fulbourn Forum for community action
We aim to clear litter from most streets and out to the parish boundaries twice a year.
12 years
Porlock Litter Patrol
To walk and enjoy the beauty of the countryside, while making it even more beautiful as we clean up after others. In the age of microplastics no piece of [plastic] litter is too small.
3 years
St Cleer Litter Picker
I am a walker / runner living in the St Cleer, Liskeard area fed up with seeing discarded litter cluttering the country lanes and endever to do a litter pick every Saturday morning following a 5k circuit around the villages. You are welcome to join me and help. Bring you HI Vis Jacket & black bags.
52 years
North Lanarkshire Dumpers
I am sick of going into the countryside and finding people have dumped there crap, ie Car Tyres, beds, car seats, cookers, and other crap. I would like to be able to stop this happening but I know that will be hard so I am happy to make it difficult for people.
2 years

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