In response to the increased litter levels as lock-down rules start to be lifted, some of you have told us that you are ready to start litter-picking again. We also know that many of you are still not comfortable to litter-pick again yet.  We do not in any way want to make anyone feel as though they should be back out there if they are not ready. However, we DO want to support anyone who is choosing to litter-pick right now.  You can now meet outside in a group of up to 30 people.  Please see the Government guidelines for further details

Saltwood Litter Pickers

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A small but active group trying to keep our beautiful village of Saltwood and its environs looking beautiful. We are always keen to collaborate with all who have a stake in this ambition, including Shepway District Council, Brockhill Performing Arts College, Saltwood Village Society and Saltwood Parish Council. The village looks so much better already, but we would love to find ways to encourage additional helpers to join in. As of March 10, 2012 our fly-tipping haul includes: 1. Fridge freezer, two chairs and table (at Slaybrook); 2. Salmon pink armchair (at top of Sandey Lane); 3. Six bags of turf (at top of Sandling Road); 4. Two sacks of household waste (North Road West); 5. Concrete slabs (at top of Sandey Lane); 5. Two bags of cement (halfway up Sandey Lane); 6. Sofa (on grounds of Brockhill College of Performing Arts); 6. Various paint cans and other household detritus (at top of Sandey Lane); 7. Five bags of household waste (adjacent to Sandling Railway Station); 8. Box of pornographic magazines (adjacent to Sandling Station); 9. Black sack of unused vegetarian food (Sandling Road by Willets House); 10. Four black sacks of waste, three garden, one household (Sandling Road, just on from Humphries Corner); 11. Two black sacks at the corner of Bartholomew Road and St Johns Road; 12. Three black sacks on Bartholomew Road, opposite Elm Lea Nursing Home; 13. Two mattresses on A20, near Highways Agency depot; 13. Countless road signs that the Council has forgotten; 14. Two wet suits and sailing top, all in perfectly good condition; 15. Old bed; 16. Human waste left by lorry drivers who park up overnight on the A20, near Junction 11, M20; 17. Dog waste left in plastic bags in bushes and trees; 18. Small fridge left on A20 near Went's Corner; 19. Two black sacks of waste left by the M20 footbridge near Stone Farm; 20. Ongoing dumping that takes place regularly at the A20 laybys near Went's Corner, and just down from Stone Farm; 21. Four blue sacks, a car seat and various car parts at the top of Sandey Lane, close to the footbridge over the Channel Tunnel Rail line; 22. Two bags of old clothes and shoes.

Saltwood Litter Pickers

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Group Litter Pick

Meet at 7am for the Sunday pick. Ceteris paribus we will likely aim to tackle the London Road which is looking fairly gruesome at present.

Group Litter Pick

Meet on the Green at 7am, as usual. we should try to finish off the Sene Valley Farm Road, and then time permitting, we could have a crack at the London Road 'hot-spots'. Team: Paula and Guy. A small ...

Group Litter Pick

Usual gathering at 7am, although I'm afraid yours truly will be away - away early with Biff and Louis for the Lord's Test, England vs. New Zealand. I'll suggest some sites before I disappear. Bon cour...

Group Litter Pick

Please meet at 7am on the Village Green. We will have a number of options for places to go! That said, we are definitely getting on top of things so well done to everyone! Team: Paula, Sally, Yvonne a...

Group Litter Pick

Meet at the Village Green at 7am. We will decide where to go when we meet, possibly Blackhouse Hill Road if we can drum up interest among the residents there, or along London Road. Very productive aga...

Group Litter Pick

Meet at 7am at Saltwood Village Green this coming Sunday. We'll aim to finish off clearing out the area around the disused railway line near to Sandling Station, and we'll clear the top end of Sandlin...

Group Litter Pick

The group picks litter every Sunday morning. In the summer months (after the clocks have gone forward), we meet at the Village Green at 7am. We usually finish around 8.30am. Very successful - 7 bags f...

Annual dinner

Meet at the Fig Tree, Saltwood at 7pm! Eight of us turned out for a delicious meal at The Fig Tree. Delicious food, wine flowing, and a view out on to a litter free village...what more could you want?...

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These groups are near to you in case you want to contact them for advice, to offer them support or, for example, to share equipment with them.

litter picking group
2 years
tonyrefail litter pickers
myself and a couple of like minded individuals have been litter picking our local parks, back lanes and mountains for as long as we can remember. the amount of rubbish we are finding is getting worse and worse so we are aiming to do as much as we possibly can so that we can get our parks, lanes and country sides back to how they should be... litter free! our aim is to show people that it's super fun, cool and easy to make that little bit of difference to the environment, hopeing that they will join in on our quest to keep the earth clean.
51 years
Bearpark Litterpickers
Bearpark Parish Council working in partnership with local residents, local groups and Durham County Council aim to litter pick on a quarterly basis. We strive towards living in a nicer, cleaner and better looking environment and pride ourselves in taking positive action to improve OUR local area.
6 years
Oldbury Clean Team
Oldbury Clean Team aims to keep the village of Oldbury-on-Severn clean and tidy. It also covers the rural lanes around Oldbury and plans to clean up the bank of the River Severn at least once a year.
13 years
Crewe Clean Team
We are local residents who are passionate about improving our environment. We achieve this through regular group litter picks, bulb planting and other related activities. We educate local youngsters in-school and encourage their participation wherever practical. 'The War on Litter - We've Got to Bin It to Win It.'
9 years
Dorset Devils are a group of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole residents who volunteer their free time to clear litter from where they live as well as nearby parks and our beautiful beaches. We each look after our own patch and hope to encourage others to manage their own litter. We are 490+ in number and still growing. We want Dorset to be as litter free as possible but that means everyone needs to play their part for this to happen. Fresh air, gentle exercise guaranteed and some equipment available. Do as much or as little picking as you like and choose the time and place suitable for you, eIther on your own, with someone else or with the Dorset Devils. View this site for details of upcoming events. You are welcome to join us and then you can look after your own patch, whenever it suits you. Always your choice where, when and how long. Help make a difference where you live, play and relax. Bournemouth Borough Council and Bournemouth University fully support our efforts. We support environmental organisations including Marine Conservation Society and Surfer Against Sewage and we are part of Litter Free Dorset. We are active within the community and get involved in a variety of community initiatives including activities with primary school children and scout packs. We are more than just litter pickers as we hope to raise awareness and engage, wherever possible. Follow us on DD Facebook, Twitter and interact through our website. N.B. Past DD events:- View photos via the group photo album
7 years
Chapel Pickers
We are a group of residents and holiday makers who want to keep Chapel St Leonards village and its beach free of litter. We welcome anyone who would like to join in. We meet every Thursday at 10am at the pullover onto the beach. Afterwards we go and have a drink and natter so it's ideal if you want to make new friends.
4 years
Park Gate Pickers
Anybody can pick up litter, but nobody does yet everybody should. I decided to be that somebody that does
2 years
Brighter Uckfield
A growing band of volunteers dedicated to keeping Uckfield and surrounding areas clean, green and litter free. We meet every Sunday at 9am in Waitrose car park, and others perform ad hoc litter picking around our town.
13 years
St Helens #LitterHeroes
Mostly daily solo litter-picks around my local streets with the backing of the local council.
2 years

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