In response to the increased litter levels as lock-down rules start to be lifted, some of you have told us that you are ready to start litter-picking again. We also know that many of you are still not comfortable to litter-pick again yet.  We do not in any way want to make anyone feel as though they should be back out there if they are not ready. However, we DO want to support anyone who is choosing to litter-pick right now.  You can now meet outside in a group of up to 30 people.  Please see the Government guidelines for further details


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We are a faith-based charity group committed and dedicated to the Area we operate and in giving back to the Community, we created this group to pick Litters off the streets on every 3rd Saturday of every month by 11.00am. The Aim is to make our environment clean and to make Sunderland the cleanest city in the whole Northeast of England.


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These groups are near to you in case you want to contact them for advice, to offer them support or, for example, to share equipment with them.

RALLY - Rosemead Community Action Group
We are a local community action group consisting of residents, some business owners, aiming to improve our local area, working with relevant authorities and organisations for the local park, Rosemead Park, shops and surrounding area of Oadby, just outside Leicester. Our key words are PRIDE AND RESPECT. We have occasional meetings addressed by local council officials, e.g. Grounds maintenance officer, Public cleansing supervisor, Local police, Youth project social workers. Litterpicks every so often, and a newsletter distributed to over 900 householders. We also play a part in the Britain in Bloom competition, and are currently putting pressure on the local council to improve the park, especially the play area.
16 years
I live in a rural part of Staffordshire we aim to provide safe and clean areas that our children and children's children can be proud of and to be able to drive or walk down our countries lanes without seeing all this rubbish.
9 years
Hortham litter bashers
Banishing litter from Hortham Village and its surroundings
3 years
plpag ( peterhead litter picking action group)
to keep our town looking great to new commers to help inprove the towns peoples attitudes towards litter
9 years
Friends of Badock's Wood Litter Group
We aim to keep Badock's Wood as clear of litter as possible so that it is a safe and welcoming place for the resident wildlife and for visitors.
6 years
Green Jim
Litter picking and much much more in Stanmore Country Park, Stanmore Common & Ponds. Green Gym work outs can include helping volunteer wardens with various projects, including shrub clearance, bramble cutting-back, unwanted shoot removal and any other environmental jobs under guidance! We have guided walks with knowledgeable wardens and keen amateurs. This is an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy quiet and lovely natual environments in north west London. All this and litter picking too! Come and join us!! The litter-picking is just one means of keeping these rural areas pleasant for all kinds of aminal users including human ones!
13 years
Malling Litter Pickers
A few* stalwart volunteers meet once a month to TIDY UP the neighbourhood, much to the delight of some residents & Lewes District Council! *Now in our 13th year, we welcome more new recruits, taking our total to 19.
14 years
Lewes Little Gardens
Lewes Little Gardens is a group of volunteers who undertake litterpicks, tidy-ups and plantings around the town of Lewes. We raise funds for our planting work and to buy litterpicking tools from recycling aluminium drinks cans from local works canteens and small grants such as the Action Earth £50 grants each year, and also get some help from donations from local people. The group started as a BTCV Natural Pioneer project to get gardening into local schools more and still works with local schools to help provide gardening materials. We have at least one litterpick or other event every month and advertise these locally in a newsletter that goes out to about two thirds of the houses in Lewes, and sometimes in the Parish Pump section of the local paper. We work with local residents groups and lend out our litterpickers them if they are organising a litterpick in their road.
13 years
The Bumbles
Cleaning up for nature
1 years
Lady Bay Litter Pickers
Lady Bay Litterpickers no longer functions as a group. Instead, individuals are issued with equipment to litterpick an area of Lady Bay of their choice, usually the streets immediately around their home and at times convenient to them. If you would like to be involved in this new style of litterpicking, please get in touch - . Be assured, however, that our aims are still to keep Lady Bay as one of the best places to live, and to generate pride in our community.
13 years

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